Sunrise Surf Academy's skillful and flexible approach ensures that we will provide you with the surfing experience you desire. Our instructors will help you become a more successful surfer regardless of age or ability. Hailing from across the world, Sunrise Surf instructors are some of the best surfers and teachers in Los Angeles. They are motivated, excited, and ready to help you reach your full shredding potential. You can pick between taking private lessons at Will Rogers State Beach, Venice Beach, or Marina del Rey.

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Location options: Pacific Palisades, Venice Beach, or Marina del Rey

What to Expect

When you arrive for your surf lesson you will be greeted by your stoked surf instructor(s). Before entering the water, your instructor will take you through an immersive and dynamic lesson on the beach. Your land lesson will include how to surf, ocean knowledge, and safety. All surf lessons are customized to experience and ability. Let the shredding commence! After catching loads of waves you will return to land where you will learn that the hardest part of surfing is taking off the wetsuit. You may shower off now, but the desire to return to the ocean will not wash away.

Surfing will teach you more than just how to ride a wave. The ocean will share lessons about self-confidence, independence, and appreciation for anyone willing to listen.

One person one instructor$145$185
Two people one instructor$195$250
Three people one instructor$245$300
Four people two instructors$345$455
Five people two instructors$380$490
Six people two instructors$415$525
Seven people three instructors$545$685

For same day or next day lessons, give us a call!
Lessons for 8 or more surfers can be booked in the events page here.
Returning surfers can book an individual one hour lesson upon request.

One person one instructor$417$540
Two people one instructor$567$735
Three people one instructor$717$880

We accommodate other instructor to surfer ratios or packages upon request.
We never want money to get in the way of surfing. If pricing is an issue please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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Location options:
Pacific Palisades, Venice Beach, or Marina del Rey


Board and wetsuit rentals are included with all surf lessons. Schedule a lesson seven days a week anytime between sunrise and sunset.

A boy poses for a photo with his surf coach and surfboard on the beach next to the ocean.


Sunrise Surf Academy's lifeguard-trained instructors are CPR and First Aid certified. In addition, they have all passed our internal, rigorous water safety program. With years of experience teaching, Sunrise's proven methods will have you shredding in no time. We can't wait to surf with you!

An instructor is giving a student pointers about surfing as a part of a lesson.